About Us
About Us

Acacia Gems sells a range of high quality gemstones at unbeatable prices because we buy our gemstones directly from their source.

We specialise in Tanzanite, which is a stunning violet-blue gemstone with a fine hint of purple. This exquisite gem is only found in one location on Earth - 40 kilometres from the base of Mount Kilimanjaro in a small place called Merelani. Geologists are now estimating that the supply of Tanzanite could be depleted in less than 15 years. Already the availability of high quality Tanzanite gemstones is reducing noticeably each year. Many informed customers worldwide are purchasing this stone not only for its beauty but also as a financial investment.

Acacia Gems is run by Rumishael and Robyn Masanga. Rumishael is a native Tanzanian, who previously was a team leader in the Tanzanite mines in Merelani. He has expertise in coloured gemstones and personally purchases our gemstones in Africa. We guarantee the quality of the gemstones we sell.

As a company, Acacia Gems is fully aware of the issues affecting the gemstone miners and their communities. We are committed to conducting our business with ethical and fair practices, ensuring that the local African communities benefit from, and are not adversely affected by, our business transactions.

As jewellery customers around the world become increasingly concerned about the origin of the gemstones they buy, it is reassuring to know that our gemstones are sourced from the united, peaceful and democratic countries of Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi. We are proud to be bringing Africa’s treasures to the Pacific.

We guarantee gorgeous, quality coloured gemstones at fantastic prices. We buy our gemstones personally in Africa and sell them directly to you.